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Predictive Maintenance

Terative is a predictive maintenance platform that helps determine the ideal time to perform maintenance interventions on industrial assets based on the analysis of measurements of different variables and the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Visualization and analysis tools

In addition to the automatic analysis and sending of reports and notifications, Terative is a predictive maintenance platform that comprises a large amount of data visualization and analysis tools for the user. Below are shown some of these tools.


Historical data can be observed in multivariate graphs

frequency analysis

Incorporation of frequency analysis allows determining the cause of a failure

warnings and alarms

Alarm limits used to send notifications are configurable

Linking assets for contextual data analysis

AI algorithms for anomaly detection


Generation of configurable reports

Reception of alerts on mobile devices

Frequent Questions

Terative was developed to allow incremental deployments. As a result, no large initial investment is required. The usage plans can be seen here.

Predictive maintenance knowledge is not required to use Terative, since the various built-in AI algorithms will report variations in equipment performance. The platform also allows access to the data if the user wants to analyze it personally.

Terative is a predictive maintenance platform that takes advantage of the benefits of Cloud Computing, so its AI algorithms run directly in the cloud. Because of this, no special equipment is required to use the platform.
Terative accepts data from sensors of different brands that measure different variables such as: vibration, current, sound, temperature, ambient humidity, analog signals, IR image, and VIS image. From a contact, our specialized technicians can analyze the process to be monitored and suggest the most appropriate sensors.
Upon receipt of your inquiry, a specialist will contact you to assist you in implementing Terative in your processes.

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